Solvable SA is committed to data protection. Especially when it comes to the data it is entrusted with by its clients. That is why we have taken the necessary measures to reinforce our internal procedures in regards to compliance relating to Swiss personal loan regulation and the governing laws concerned (LCC).

Even though Solvable SA is a Swiss company, it is mandatory for organizations such as ours, which handle data of European citizens, to apply GDPR regulations. Whether such organizations are based or not within the borders of the European Union.

For more information, please visit the CNIL website.

The actions undertaken

The actions undertaken to ensure data protection are executed in tandem with external consultants who ascertain that were are in compliance with applicable regulations. We also ensure a cross expertise approach in terms of compliance by working hand in hand with all concerned third parties such as financial instutions or technical teams.

We undertake continuous monitoring on the security and privacy of data as well as on our operational process. Actions taken are logged and a register of data management is updated daily covering all projects and their progress.
This register logs all our activities relating to data collection, data storage and pertinence relating to our actions in regards to the projected outcome. Procedures in place ensuring security and privacy are also logged.