Our debt cleaning prices: Adapted to your reality

Light PACK

  • We analyse your financial situation.
  • We create an overview of your debt situation.
  • We establish a budget.
  • You benefit from personalised advisory as well as a direct contact by phone.
  • We make a proposal leading to debt-relief.

(no administrative fees, no hidden costs, non-binding, confidentiality and discretion guaranteed)



  • You have access to your personal advisor.
  • We set a one hour meeting at our offices to conduct an in-depth analysis of your tailored solution.
  • You now have a clear action plan leading to debt-relief.

(no hidden costs, non-binding, confidentiality and discretion guaranteed)

CHF 100.00


  • Starter pack included.
  • We block your debt retrieval reminders.
  • We suspend the Prosecution office process.
  • We regroup all your debts.
  • We establish a debt-relief plan tailored to your means.
  • We activate an affordable monthly installment.

(no hidden costs, non-binding, cancel anytime, confidentiality and discretion guaranteed)

Adapted to your budget

hidden fees

Our pricing policy is transparent. After analyzing your situation we apply the most reasonnable pricing. There are no costs to carry out the analysis and you do not have to commit.

There are no hidden fees, no strings attached or bad surprises. You walk away with an offer and decide to pursue or not.

Getting out of debt - how do we set our prices?

During a meeting, we analyze your financial situation together and we explain our pricing with precision and transparency.

Our promise to you is that it is cheaper to clean up your debt than take out a loan. Our prices are the lowest on the market.

The monthly installment you will pay is set together, with precision, and allows you have peace of mind all the while reimbursing your debt.

We invoice no additional charges, no postal fees and no other additional fees during our mandate.

Next step

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Want more information? Call us at 021 620 60 00.

You wish to meet us? Ask for an appointment. No commitment.

Whatever your decision, we will listen to you, we will understand you without biased judgments. Explain your situation to us and let's see together how we can quickly improve it.