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After personal bankruptcy, creditors that were unable to recover their loss are handed a certificate of shortfall. This certificate protects those that can't pay by blocking non payment interests. No added fees will therefore be applied to the debt amount.

Should the salary of the debtor rise, or expenditures decrease and that the minimum living income is reached once more, creditors may contact the Prosecution's office to reactivate their complaint.

If you have more than one certificates of shortfall, you should act preventively and prepare the repurchase of your certificates or a payment plan in agreement with your creditors and with the help of our advisors.

That is when we step in!

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Our service includes: Making an inventory of your debts and financial prosecutions, getting in touch with your creditors, negotiating the repurchase of your shortfall certificates and/or establishing a payment plan based on your income capacity. Management of your payments and relationship with your creditors.

Bottom line: After we come in, you only pay one monthly installment to Solvable and you needn't worry about handling your creditors. We take care of everything. Our customers say it all:

  • Solvable took my debt and negotiated the reimbursements with the creditors
  • The found a middle ground with the organizations concerned and I could spread my debt over time
  • My day to day is not the same. My creditors are grouped and I only pay one monthly installment.
  • No more paperwork, no more calculations and knowing what to pay to whom etc…

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