Company debt

« I called upon Solvable because I was going to close my store. I was in financial difficulty and several unpaid suppliers. »

In Switzerland, 58% of the companies are registered as privately owned. In case of debt or default, the owner is personally liable.

Today, we are able to offer simple solutions to get rid of debt.

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Getting out of debt due to an excess of invoices

“I couldn't get out of it due to the invoices of various credit cards of stores and banks.”
“I couldn't pay some of my invoices and I was anxious at the end of each month”

Two testimonials of the same story. In 2014, at least 9% of Swiss families encoutered difficulties in paying their monthly invoices. That figure has since risen steadily.

Every month, we welcome people with different financial difficulties that can't pay their monthly invoices. Their first reflex is to subscribe to a new loan. This is often the start of a downward spiral.

However, there is another solution. It costs you less (don't take our word for it, you can also do the calculation) and moreover, you are back in charge of your finances. The solution is simply to spread the payments of your invoices.



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Spread the payment of your invoices - Solvable

Our service covers 4 steps:

  • We analyze your financial situation and your debt together
  • We find the best solutions with the creditors concerned and we plan spread payments of your invoices
  • We regroup your debt in one monthly installment adapted to your income and we become your only person of contact
  • Reminders are over, no more phone calls from your creditors and no more administrative hassle. We handle everything.
  • Up to 50%Cheaper
    than a loan

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    Discretion and confidentiality

  • More than 20 MillionPaid debts

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