In which cases can we step in and help?

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« Does my personal situation meet the requirements? »

Rest assured, the only conditions allowing you to meet our criteria are that you be a Swiss resident and that you don't have ongoing seizures relating to prosecution.

If you meet these criteria, your file then fills all obligations leading to acceptance.


+ than 5'000

Spread the payment of your invoices - Solvable

Our service covers 4 steps:

  • We analyze your financial situation and your debt together
  • We find the best solutions with the creditors concerned and we plan spread payments of your invoices
  • We regroup your debt in one monthly installment adapted to your income and we become your only person of contact
  • Reminders are over, no more phone calls from your creditors and no more administrative hassle. We handle everything.
  • Up to 50%Cheaper
    than a loan

  • picto-check2
    Discretion and confidentiality

  • More than 20 MillionPaid debts

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Want more information? Call us at 021 620 60 00.

You wish to meet us? Ask for an appointment. No commitment.

Whatever your decision, we will listen to you, we will understand you without judgments. Explain your situation to us and let's see together how we can quickly improve it.

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Becoming debt-free?

It can happen to anyone. Periods of financial turbulence are a reality. As a consequence, bills are left unpaid, creditors come knocking at your door and worst case, you may be liable to prosecution. In order to avoid this, it is imperative that you take the necessary preventive steps.
Solvable supports you in these circumstances. No judging, only support.
We defend your rights and do whatever it takes to help you get debt-free and avoid going broke.


By regrouping your debts into one bundle. Whether you be an individual or a company. We become your sole go-through person and we take over all the administrative hassle which comes along with creditors seeking payment.
We discuss the best payment plans possible with your creditors allowing you to gradually get debt-free and avoid any unfortunate consequences which might unfold.
You keep an eye on the process and the payments made. We stick with you until you decide you are now independent enough to continue by yourself or until all debts are cleared.

Why Solvable ?

We know your rights and we are leaders in Switzerland when it comes to debt clearance. We also benefit from a reputation as solid and professional experts in the field and enjoy positive relations with the main creditors in the country.
Our legitimacy is recognized and we are committed to supporting you get debt-free and on your way to making your personal or professional projects a reality.

Our insight?

Move quickly! Don’t lose time and take further risks. It is possible to find the solution that fits your need. It is possible to avoid being held liable by the authorities. That is our aim and, with your approval, we will take immediate action and bundle your debt in view of negotiating with your creditors. As time goes by, you will improve your financial situation and finally enjoy some peace of mind.

Always keeping the following at heart: simplicity, flexibility, speed and trust!