What conditions should be filled in order to clear your debt?

Before making a debt clearing request to Solvable, please make sure the following conditions are met :

  • you reside in Switzerland
  • your are over 18
  • you have a monthly source of income of over CHF 2'000.- (benefits, job, allocation etc.)
  • your have no wage garnishment

What conditions could lead to a refusal of debt clearing?

In the following cases, we would unfortunately be unable to offer our services :

  • wage garnishment
  • you do not reside in Switzerland

What is the aim of debt clearing?

We aim to :

  • stop recall letters
  • avoid seizures and prosecution
  • regroup debts into one sole monthly installment
  • allow you to keep your head above water and worry less

What are the steps to undertake to begin clearning your debt?

All you have to do is hand us over :

  • all your personal information (income, expenditures, etc.) using our request form,
  • all information relative to your debts, including ad-hoc documents (invoices, status, contracts, etc.) as well as documents detailing your income (salary slip).

What does Solvable do to clear your debt ?

We regroup all of your backlog and debts into one.

We design a clearing plan which takes your budget into account.

We apply one monthly installment adapted to your means and start clearning your debt-

We are available at any time.

How much does debt clearing cost?

It all depends on your case and the number of creditors. That being said, and there are no exceptions, our prices are always adjusted to be below those applied in the context of a personal loan.

As soon as we are in possession of all of your information and documents, we will present our cost estimation in a detailed and transparent manner. There are no hidden costs. Everything is included in your monthly installment.

Is it possible to terminate the debt clearing mandate?

You are never bound to our mandate. We have the legal & moral obligation to carry out our job to the best of our ability. You are free to continue or stop your debt clearning any time you choose.

What are the benefits of debt clearing?

  • Your debts are stopped and creditor recalls are put on hold.
  • You now have only one contact person who exercises no judgment.
  • You can opt-out at any time.
  • You will not run up debt.
  • Confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed. We do not reach out to anyone outside the scope of your creditors.

Cleaning your solvability data. Why?

Cleaning your data allows the following:

  • It erases your negative code present in the various creditor databases.
  • It avoids unpleasant surprises during your operations such as refusal of a loan application, housing application, leasing application or credit card cancellations for unknown reasons.
  • It reinstates your solvability and allows you to start over with a clean slate.

What are the conditions to fill to clean my solvability data?

In order to benefit from our Zeka Vista service, the following conditions must be met:

  • Reside in Switzerland.
  • Be 18 or over.
  • Be up to date with your invoice payments.

Should you fill these obligations, we can help you clean your data.

What are the reasons of refusal?

We can unfortunately not clean your data if:

  • You have open debt payments.
  • You have gone bankrupt and the process is still ongoing.

What are the steps to undertaken a Zeka Vista mandate?

All you have to do is hand us over all personal information (income, expenditures etc.). You can use our application form.

We will then send you a proxy to be signed and sent back so that we can represent you. You will also need to send an extract of your local prosecution office and that’s it. We will handle the rest. After cleaning your solvability data, we will send you a final report by mail.

What does Milenia do within its Zeka Vista mandate?

We gather your old data and we update it.
We clean old prosecution proceedings. Instead of « paid » as a remaining reference in the databank, we ensure the log is erased.
We also negotiate your payment codes and update them if unjustified.
We basically improve your solvability rating.

What are the advantages of the Zeka Vista service?

  • You will be dealing with experts in the field of solvability. We know how to expunge prosecution proceedings, even in complex cases.
  • We clean your codes in the database for a fixed fee. The number of inscriptions doesn’t influence our price.
  • You are again considered as solvable.
  • Confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed. We reach out only to your creditors. Nobody else.
  • It allows you to start over with a clean slate.

What are the costs of a Zeka Vista mandate?

Costs for the analysis and details of your solvability data (Prosecution proceedings office, Cresura, CRIF, ZEK) amount to CHF 299
Costs for a complete analysis and clean-up of your solvability data amounts to CHF 499.
You can start with the first option and, should you wish, confirm the second option too by paying the cost difference once you have made up your mind.