How does it work ?

4 steps

We listen

We consider each case to be unique. Listening is central to our approach. We do not judge. We support you in your endeavours. After a first call, we have a clear understanding of your situation.

We analyse

All the while considering your liquidities, we establish a budget that is representative of your financial reality. We then propose a debt-free plan tailored to you.

We act

We regroup all of your bills and propose one monthly installment adapted to your budget. You can quickly free yourself of calls and letters from your creditors.

We set you free!

We update your data and prosecution registry. You are financially solvent once again.

Becoming debt-free

Avoid withholdings on your wages. Become debt-free. At your rhythm and respectful of your budget.

We regroup your unpaid bills and we negotiate a payment plan with your creditors on your behalf.

We set up one monthly installment adapted to your budget.

We become your only contact person. You rid yourself of callbacks and reminders from your creditors.

You are free to suspend your installment payments. When you wish to. No justification needed.


Expunge your old prosecution registry data. Improve your solvency. Get your freedom back.

In Switzerland, registries such as CRIF, ZEK or the Prosecution office track your payment records. Each one of us has a solvency notation also called ‘credit score’.

When you ask for a loan, a leasing, a rental agreement, the relevant counterparties check your score before validating your applications.

Frequent errors stay visible in these registries due to past or even erroneous data.

Your applications are therefore rebuffed. Our aim is to avoid you being victim to these sorts of proceedings.

Keep it simple.
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We are the market leaders in Switzerland pertaining to debt cleaning and advise over 5'000 clients every year.

As experts in the field, we are recognised by the main creditors, debt collectors and financial institutions of the country.

That legitimacy allows our experts to find the best solutions adapted to your needs. They listen with care and put all their experience and know-how at your service.

Finally, in line with our wish for full transparency, we are the only debt cleaning company in Switzerland affiliated to Arif (self-regulation organisation under Finma). This shows the importance we bestow to acting in a professional and legal framework recognized by the highest financial authority.

Choose Solvable, your trusted partner in financial management!

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